4 : 3 March 2005

a poem by Stan Schmidt

You are not human but Divine
and I want to call You mine
a project to please its Inventer
needing You as my mentor
but Lord, I need a push
can You show up in my burning bush
adding life to my thanks
giving me the joy of the Lord as my strength
because I know You have enough pain already
not having enough fans throwing confetti
simply a spurned Lover
vulnerable, removing Your cover
exposing Yourself to be hurt
with many on Your Son's grave kicking dirt
merely offering a passing gesture to Your advances
giving Your heart grief instead of dances
and I am so sorry for Your pain
as You give them Your love in vain
in both Old Testament and New
people have said "screw You"
now I identify somewhat with Your ordeal
and what You may feel
a heart so lonely
thinking it is You only
but You are so kind
for You cannot get humanity off Your mind
being so in love with us all
offering Your gracious call
therefore, I want to be at least one
who loves Your Son
and puts a smile on Your face
so please grant me the grace
Your heart not to offend
and actually be called Your friend
healing a small bit of Your grief
for most of humanity is a thief


Ed Holt