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My Christian Faith -
Much More Than a Silver Lining!

Kamalesh Samuel

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
The Word became flesh; the same Word who was God
Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God
Jesus who is the Living Word commanded saying 'Have Faith in God'

As the Substance of things not seen
Faith creates the seen from the unseen
As the Evidence of things hoped for
Faith draws hope into reality
As an amour Faith is a shield
As a lifestyle Faith provided boldness and access
As a fruit of the Spirit, the just live and are justified by Faith
After all it takes Faith to be faithful
Unto Abraham was Faith counted as Righteousness
Unto me too through Christ when He as my Lord I confess
According to my Faith, let it be unto me, said He
My Faith makes me whole and over the world my victory
Along with a cloud of witnesses as forerunners
Abel, Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
And with Jesus as his author and finisher
Paul ran his race and kept his Faith
Of Faith will I also fight the good fight
By Faith will I walk and not by sight
Without Faith, can I Him not please
O may His Word in me never cease
A sinner saved by Grace through Faith
I believe in One Lord, one Faith and one Baptism
Herein lies my purpose and destiny - beginning with the Word
Christ the High Priest of my profession - the Word that I speak!
So with Faith and patience hand in hand
I inherit His promises made known before-hand
Putting His Word first place, I then do what it says
His thoughts become mine, His ways my ways
Fear tolerated is Faith contaminated
But Perfect Love casteth all fear
O now will He find Faith when He returns Filled with His Agape Love does my desire burns

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1. The Bible

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Kamalesh Samuel
Shepherds in Christ International
14001 52ND Ave N
Plymouth MN 55446

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Vol. 6 : 1
January 2010

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