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Women and Spiritual Warfare

Vasanthi Isaiah, M.A., M.Ed.


Spiritual Warfare is an evil issue, says Ed Murphy in his Spiritual Warfare (1992), while writing about the Cosmic Rebellion. The origin and presence of evil in this world is a puzzling issue to many. If there is no evil, obviously there is no need for spiritual warfare. Anyway, the subject of Spiritual Warfare seems to arouse much interest in the minds of people, and I have discovered that women in particular are much more interested in one-way or the other.

Women Are Powerful Warriors

In my experience as a Bible teacher and women's counselor, I've personally found many women with 'battle scars' and wounded. Many casualties. Some would share their troubles about their children, their husbands, problems in their work place, etc. There seems to very little help for them.

Again my experience tells me that women in general are prepared to be involved in spiritual warfare but do not know how to go about. They attend different seminars and seem to a bit confused. The subject of spiritual warfare is such that not many Bible teachers can claim to be experts on this subject. Neither do I. My thoughts are based on my readings of several writers who have had greater involvement in this area, of course my experiences.

Why Women and Spiritual Warfare?

To the question " but why women and spiritual warfare," my response is:

1. Women everywhere face battles that threaten to overwhelm them and those they love dearly.
2. Women tend to be more sensitive to the spiritual realm, and vulnerable to the area of occult activity.
3. Women seem to possess greater potential for waging this spiritual battle, and
4. Today's women face unique difficulties that need to be addressed in the context of spiritual warfare.

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Vasanthi Isaiah, M.A., M.Ed.
Bethany International University

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Vol. 6 : 1
January 2010

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